Ionic Angular Cordova BoilerPlate

Source code is available at A Simple Ionic Angular Cordova boiler plate code. This is not a framework, infact a simple boiler plate, which helps you give a quick start into creating a project. This used Angular, Ionic, Cordova as the base framework. Gulp is used as a platform to execute build tasks. Ionic Angular

Run Grunt task using Eclipse

Wondered how to Run Grunt task using Eclipse             Came across a beautiful article on how to run a grunt task through eclipse. Sharing the link here, very handy   Share if you liked this article

Naming of Streets !!! What Logic???

  Naming of Streets, The logic behind I was always curious to know the reason behind so many MG Roads in India, which motivated me to write this post. In India, we have a habit of naming cities, intersection (circles), signals, districts, places, utility buildings, government offices, railway stations, airports, bus stands, bus bay, bridges

Kejriwal Sir, Pehlee AAP – Politics in Delhi

Politics in Delhi   The recent  happenings in Delhi needs a lot of thought to be put in. Now, i am keeping aside all the complexities of politics, for the sake of pure simplicity of arriving at a decision. All started when the election results were out, initial reaction of people can be put together

Dont Care Button in Facebook !!! +1 Vote

There is a news about FaceBook coming with the new “Sympathizer” button, i am not sure whether this is hoax or fact.   But what can be possibly a huge hit would be a Dont care button in facebook (DC) There are various reasons this would be required, while the listed below will only be

When did this change of behavior happened??

When we were all kids, and while going to school, most of us used to pray at anything and everything (Temple, Mosques, Church and so on) on the way. At least we used to bow at almost all religious places. The reason was mostly a request put forward to God, whether its to get good

Scamophobia – Fear About Public Scams

SCAMOPHOBIA – fear of scams Today morning i woke up with a new word, googled it and could not find any reference. So thought about writing it, this is regarding scams (A dishonest scheme; a fraud). This word may or may not be relevant to readers outside India or may not be able to understand

Instanceof Operator – Possible bad design

Was going through some forum posts, where i came across this interesting topic of Instanceof Operator, which made me think about it. The discussion point was about whether to use ‘instanceof’ operator or not in Java. What is instanceof Operator? instanceof opearator helps you to determine the type of the object. Lets come to the

Design Patterns !!!!

Every Software Developer is very much familiar with this term “Design Patterns”. Any Graduate about to join a company is aware of design patterns, and he is taught that he should also understand design patterns and is supposed to use it extensively. All Experienced developers keeps on advising the juniors, “you need to understand design

KeyLogger Attack – Sniffing Passwords Without a Virus

What is Keylogger Attack? Keystroke logging, often referred to as keylogging (keylogger attack), is the action of recording (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. It also has very legitimate uses in studies of