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Naming of Streets !!! What Logic???

  Naming of Streets, The logic behind I was always curious to know the reason behind so many MG Roads in India, which motivated me to write this post. In India, we have a habit of naming cities, intersection (circles), signals, districts, places, utility buildings, government offices, railway stations, airports, bus stands, bus bay, bridges

Kejriwal Sir, Pehlee AAP – Politics in Delhi

Politics in Delhi   The recentĀ  happenings in Delhi needs a lot of thought to be put in. Now, i am keeping aside all the complexities of politics, for the sake of pure simplicity of arriving at a decision. All started when the election results were out, initial reaction of people can be put together

Dont Care Button in Facebook !!! +1 Vote

There is a news about FaceBook coming with the new “Sympathizer” button, i am not sure whether this is hoax or fact.   But what can be possibly a huge hit would be a Dont care button in facebook (DC) There are various reasons this would be required, while the listed below will only be