Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

There is a general perception that Blog writers are IT people ,who do not have much work. well you are not mistaken πŸ˜› Yes i am also from IT industry, working for a small IT firm. My name is Arun Kumar. you may call me Arun πŸ™‚

What do i do for a living?

I am a technical architect. My work involves me showcasing to the people who are responsible for paying me that i am intelligent and hiring me was not a mistake. The whole effort, day in and out, is towards achieving that simple target. Building foundations, laying down blocks, ensure that lot of floors can be build one on top of each other is my primary job responsibility. Also, it is important that in case one of the pillars needs to be removed and replaced with similar one, it should be possible without much effort.It is also important that i should use lot of fancy words, which in general many people wont understand. One of the advantage of this is that, even if the other person does not understand, he wont question you, since he feels it will show him in a bad spot that he does not know it. But as every good thing will come to an end, you will have some smart person asking you question. Well, live with it. The beauty is that, this all has to be done in short period of time and with minimum cost.

Where am i from?

Since you have reached here, i am sure either you have lot of free time or you are curious. Either ways, I am an India, belonging to a fascinating destination you should visit before you die. Yes, i am talking about Kerala. While my birth and high school education happened in Kerala, i had the opportunity to complete my higher education (anything other than my current education was outside my reach and hence higher πŸ™‚ ) in Gujarat, India. Job took me for a ride across various places, which i am happy that i got the opportunity.

Why am I blogging?

Interesting question, even i don’t know. My initial thoughts was this is cool, and is a sign of intelligence. Over a period of time, i realized that it is not. Still why i write is because this is best way to communicate and leave your frustration out, without other person saying that you are a stupid on your face. πŸ˜€

What is the deal about this stupid name “dumparun”

Well, i keep getting this question often and may be the reason why i am still using the same name in the site. Let me walk you through a story to give you an idea, what is the deal here. During my college days, back in that time, internet used to be expensive and rare to be found to be used. There used to cyber cafe’s around, who charge you per hour basis. So any one going to Cyber Cafe’s is more interested in using yahoo messenger and ask the famous “a,s,l” acronym. In the same era it happened that i was in college lab (we had internet connection in the lab), and all my friends were busy creating email adress in GMAIL (it was invitation based at that time). Since every one was doing that i also thought about creating an email id. Now whatever name i entered was already taken and gmail started suggesting me with new names. Now the time to do this activity is very less, as any time the teacher can walk in. So i put my intelligent (sarcasm !) mind in work and started looking around, to find what others are doing , so that i can also COPY. Then i realized it is not going to work, and then i noticed one of my friend throwing a paper in a waste box. Eureka! Eureka! i found my email address. My logic behind the mail id was, as you dump waste in waste box, you can dump email in my inbox. Thus i created After a while i realized that dumparun can have multiple meanings. But it always generated the curiosity. I never bothered to change it, as whoever heard my email, always remembered it. So if those of you thought that Arun was dumped by a girl and hence created this email, no. that is not the case. Whether i have been dumped or not is a case of perspective and outside our scope of discussion, i am not answering that. You will also find that will also redirect here, as i thought let me be the exclusive owner of all “Dumps” and “Dumbs” πŸ™‚

What is it about the Logo and Name

Seriously, you are still here reading this. My head is bowed with respect in front of you sir/madam. I am of the belief that all our problems can be solved with very simple logical solution, which can be derived from COMMON SENSE. It may be possible that we are not able to identify the problems, or accepting the problems, which actually hits us bad. I believe identifying the problem is the hardest part. Solution can be found most of the time, unless we have any role in solutions (Again, please don’t take this as a blanket answer).

The name of the site, “Complex Solutions for Simple Problems” is actually a paradox. The solution is simple and the problem is complex. And identifying the problem is the worst part of the puzzle, solution is generally simple. And what you need is logical reasoning and common sense. How you can do this, is by listening to others and speaking less, observe and learn, read and understand, reason with yourself every time, accept there is a person who knows better than you, respect self and respect others.

Β General Disclaimer

I might go ahead and give advice, suggest things. I assume that you have the basic understanding to analyze what you are hearing. Its your life, your choice. You may take suggestions, but decisions has to be yours. Every decision has a repercussion, it might stay for a short while or a long time, it might be sweet or painful. But decision is yours.

I might be wrong in what i speak, and there is no silver bullet for all problems. The solution, which works for me may not fit you.

Be judicious and decide what you want. And DONT BLAME ME πŸ™‚


So, thats what i can say about me. I will keep trying and updating the site as often as possible. But then you know, i described my job profile. Very hard, lack of time πŸ˜›

Thanks all of you who had reached till this line And thanks for dropping by.

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