Dont Care Button in Facebook !!! +1 Vote

There is a news about FaceBook coming with the new “Sympathizer” button, i am not sure whether this is hoax or fact.




But what can be possibly a huge hit would be a Dont care button in facebook (DC)

dont care

I dont care

There are various reasons this would be required, while the listed below will only be a few. Day in and out, we see feeds, which in general i dont care about or is neither interested in seeing it also.

  • Thus, thousands of IT professionals in India, wanting to go onsite can hit “Dont Care” button when there friends post photos from onsite. (I know such friends, tribute to them).
  • All those posts about whether you had peed or not in the morning, whether your puppy had a stomach infection can also get a “Dont Care” hit.
  • All those bitching about people who begged to be Onsite and then “missing” and becoming “nostalgic” about India can also get DC hit.
  • All those shares about which we dont have any clue on whats written can also get DC hit.
  • And the list goes on and on….

The advantage of this button is two fold.

If i hit Dont care button, FB should not list the posts in my feeds any more, thus not only i dont want to see it, but also even if my friend likes the post, i dont see it. Also, if some one comments on it, i am least bothered.

Second reason is to tell the person that “Dude, I DONT CARE”. This is for my own satisfaction that i really dont care 🙂

I will +1 vote for “Dont Care” button. What about you?

P.S: Smart chaps here will be planning to write “dont care” as comment in the post, No need please

Initially i thought about calling Dont Care as “FCUK OFF” but then parental control guidelines applicable

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