When did this change of behavior happened??

When we were all kids, and while going to school, most of us used to pray at anything and everything (Temple, Mosques, Church and so on) on the way. At least we used to bow at almost all religious places. The reason was mostly a request put forward to God, whether its to get good marks, impress a girl, not caught in school for homework, win a match and so on. The praying and belief increases when there is an exam.

Child Praying

Praying Child

Our needs were limited and yet our prayers used to be unlimited and it used to be as if we don’t trust one God, or one church, so pray at temple and mosque too or vice verse. At some point of time, while our needs increased, our prayers became selective. Some people struck to praying only at temples or churches, based on their religion, while others became more selective and started praying only at selective temples (further filtration) etc. And there were some of us, who stopped believing in God and going to place of worship and some who partly believes in God.

No Faith

No Faith

My curiosity is not related to belief, or choice of cathedral or whether still people goes to all places say temples, mosques, church etc. My curiosity is to know “When did the Change of behavior HAPPENED”

And answer to that would be the key to make an excellent society, where people will live in harmony.

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