Ideas changes fortunes




This section is dedicated for new idea’s and thoughts which can either bring change, or help make money.

Well, the question will be if i am confident about the idea, then why not i work on it 🙂

A short disclaimer or we can say note about this section and all the ideas listed here

I do not own any patents or intent to file a patent about what i list here. It may be possible that these are ideas of some wonderful minds and might have also been patented. However i do a quick search before i post, it might be possible that i miss some. However, i would like to make it clear that, i am not intentionally trying to stole, use or break an IP or patent. If any one feels that i am doing so, please post a comment here, and i assure you that, i will take off the post immediately or link to the original article with a note of apology.


I DO NOT ensure the success of any of the ideas, while i feel they are a logical possibility is the reason, why i had listed here. In case if any one tries to do what i had listed here, i strongly recommend, that you do sufficient research and understanding before you do so. I do not take any responsibility either on the success or failure of the same. In case you are planning to implement any of this idea’s, only request would be to put a note here and share your experience. This is more like a blanket GPL license.

Read, Understand, Use at your own risk. I am human, and bound to do mistake 😀

You might think, if i am confident of the idea, why i am not doing it? Well, the answer is simple

1. I may not be too confident of the idea

2. I may not have expertise in the same domain

3. Read This

Not to mention, i have some ideas which i had parked for me 😛

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