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This page is all about India and my thoughts/concerns around India. The name is coined out of India-Politics. There are lot of issues which we are facing every day as a common man, and this is the section which will host information about the same. While there may be solutions, possible solutions and problems, this may not be a blanket solution for sure.

This is also a sensitive topic, when we discuss governance, politics, change, so i would like to have the following disclaimer

I am not political, i am not loyal to any political party nor i hold any position with any party. I am not a spokesperson for any party nor i care about any party. I am worried about the current situation where we are and would like to see the same changed. Now, whom i vote, i believe it is my personal preference and un-constitutional for you ask 🙂

Another reason why this page is here, is because of some interviews which i saw, where a famous politician thinks that everybody should be involved in politics and also also because another politician felt that there is politics even in your pants :).

So let me do my part 🙂


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