Naming of Streets !!! What Logic???

Street Names

Street Names


Naming of Streets, The logic behind

I was always curious to know the reason behind so many MG Roads in India, which motivated me to write this post.

In India, we have a habit of naming cities, intersection (circles), signals, districts, places, utility buildings, government offices, railway stations, airports, bus stands, bus bay, bridges in the name of people belonging to following groups.

1. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Previous Prime Ministers, Ministers of India

3. Any religious institution or GOD/S

4. Any famous personality in show business, cricket, sports etc.

And so on. What i failed to understand was the need behind this?

Is this a way to value their work, their contribution.

Lets keep religion apart for a while, and talk about other categories.

Mahatma Gandhi, is there every where, in notes, statues and in history books. I don’t feel he needs to be further marketed unless it is for some unknown gains. Yes, the new generation as well the old generation knows him, even before knowing a street named against him.

Lets look at the personalities and ministers, who get the same privilege. Why? Each and every one of them, had got the privilege to serve the country, be at the zenith of power, and made money, enjoyed luxury services at the cost of common’s mans tax. Every PM in India had enjoyed various levels of security, levels of comfort which a common man can only imagine. Every sports personality or stars had made enough money, comfort, been in limelight and so is the case with business men.

Why should you need to call a street in their name? Is it because people can remember the street name easily, I highly doubt so.Any name put to a place, will be remembered by people without much difficulty. Is it to make people remember their names, if so Why? For What?

So what to do now, we still have to put names?

Yes, we need to and lets look at our unsung hero’s who were not in the limelight, about whom teachers wont teach in history classes, the people who sacrificed their comfort for a bigger cause, who were not escorted by security, who didn’t had a fan follower, who were never in the lime light.

Yes, undoubtedly i am talking about

1. Freedom Fighters (Its not only Mahatma Gandhi)

2. Our own Soldiers, Commandos and various other security agency who sacrificed their lives, who could not come on vacation to see their family, who will never see their family, because a bomb exploded or bullet pierced.

3. Our social workers, who fought or are still fighting for a cause, gave hope to lot of people around the world, gave people a reason to live.

4. Our researchers, think tanks, intellectuals who gave India an identity to the world, who solved peoples problems.

I believe these are the names next generation should know from streets, as history books will never be teaching them. They were never in limelight, they will be never be heard through papers. Let the new generation known them from street names.

All politicians and decision makers,please understand this

1. Gandhi will never be forgotten and so is the case of all politicians, you are there in every day papers, for good or bad reasons.

2. All gods, irrespective of their religion is remembered by those who really want to.

3. All Stars, cricket players, business men will be known to people through news papers. They are there every day.

Its time, we show gratitude to those people, who really deserve it. Its high time, tell our new generation that, we cares for them and their family,  we respect them, we stand united for them.


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