Clever Tactics – Counter Terrorism

Not really sure, if this solution to counter terrorism would work in this era. But the approach is simple and risk free. No people were disturbed, injured or killed in the entire process. I think, the solution was not too expensive as well. In todays time, such simplistic solutions are required to counter terrorism. As

Relationships are Broken Easily – Causes and Cautions !!!!!

This write up is intended to provide relationships advice by carefully analyzing the causes and cautioning on why relationships gets broken easily. Relationships Advice     TRUST Trust is a very important factor for all relationships. When trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. Lack of trust leads to  suspicion, suspicion generates

Food – Takes 2 hours to cook and 2 minutes to eat !!!!

Food – 2 hours to cook, 2 minutes to eat Funny title eehhhh  🙂 Last week i woke up late as usual 😛  I realized it only when i saw the time in my mobile. Oh God, today also i am late, i need to move faster. Usually i skip my breakfast and go to

Back Pain — Bad to have !!!!!

What is Back Pain? Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions found in the whole world. Back pain is simply a pain engulfing the human back which may come from the muscles, bones, nerves, joints or other structures in the spine. This pain may be a short one or a prolonged one

Are Safety Cameras Really Monitored?????

I was always wondering, how its possible to monitor all the cameras through different screens. Even though i haven’t seen it in real, but have seen that in films… 😛 I have seen in films, a security officer sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee in his hand and monitoring at least 20

How Secure is your Security Question?

I was just wondering about the Security Question asked while we create a mail account (or in general any online accounts). First of all, why is it needed? Well, Security Questions are more or less a second (backup) password to protect Share if you liked this article

Why Start Ups are not Start up by Starters !!!!!

I have not seen young people taking the initiative to start up new companies.. Including me, i feel young people don’t have the daring to have a start up and take the calculated risk. Thinking along the lines, what could be the reason for this……I am able to list down some of them: Why Start

C++ FAQ Series #1

Ques: Should I use NULL or 0 in my program? Ans: In C++, the definition of NULL is 0, so there is only an aesthetic difference. Its better to avoid macros, so usually all use 0. Another problem with NULL is that people sometimes mistakenly believe that it is different from 0 and/or not an

Healthy Diet for reducing Blood Pressure

Continuing from my previous articles….. Information on Blood Pressure Natural Remedy for reducing Blood Pressure TOP 10 DIET TIPS FOR HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE 1. Eat your vegetables. Getting a varied diet high in vegetables will help you get a lot of the nutrients that are helpful in lowering blood pressure. Aim for four or five

Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Following my post on Blood Pressure here Here are some recommendations on how to reduce your blood pressure naturally…. Traditionally, much of the treatment for high blood pressure has centered on lifestyle changes as well as medication. The main advice given by doctors to their patients with high bloodpressure includes: • Lose weight if you