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Politics in Delhi

Tresspasser As CM

Tresspasser As CM


The recent  happenings in Delhi needs a lot of thought to be put in. Now, i am keeping aside all the complexities of politics, for the sake of pure simplicity of arriving at a decision.

All started when the election results were out, initial reaction of people can be put together in the following category

1. This is exactly what should happen with Congress

2. AAP is amazing, they pulled a victory from no where.

3. There is no MODI wave.

Nevertheless, this is not what matters now. What matters as we stand today is who will form the government and what will happen in Delhi.

Let me put forward my thoughts here.

What is our leverage here???

I am sure, this is what all parties are currently thinking. What will happen if we form the government, what will happen if we support another party. Will we be able to leverage this so called “Good Cause” to our advantage for next election. What will be the time, we should withdraw support? When will we face election? Who has an upper hand now?

What i think is a better proposition

AAP Should extend support to BJP for formation of government. This will be considered as a feel good factor for a party which contested the elections on the basis of solving day to day problems of the people of Delhi and not with a political ambition.

Why AAP should support BJP is because, they are the single largest party (respect). AAP can leverage this to go back to the people, in case BJP does not fullfill what they wanted to and that will result in a clean sweep for AAP.

Why BJP should accept this offer is that it will show that you are a party with difference and you are serious about governance.

AAP should try not to indulge in politics, and instead get their election manifesto implemented. I believe this is important, because next loksabha elections, if AAP intends to go nation wide, this can be one major aspect which they can show they had done.

AAP should not take initiative to form government, because this will put the party in litmus test, not on what can be delivered. But on how to control own people. Now in India, you need recommendations to get a seat in school, what do you think, the poor wont approach the MLA. What if the MLA does not help, what if they help? Both can go wrong.

Keep a common minimum manifesto for the next one year. Review the same after an year, and see if it is worth extending support to BJP further.

I have clubbed both BJP and AAP’s manifesto and putting it below (with some changes)

  • Jan Lokpal or an anti-corruption ombudsman within 15 days by calling an open session of the Delhi Assembly on December 29. (This is from AAP manifesto). I would keep the deadline at February 1.
  • Reduction in electricity charges by 30 per cent; reduction in vegetable prices within 30 days of coming to power; and 12 subsidized LPG cylinders in a year to each household. (This is from BJP manifesto). 
  • Setting up of 24-hour call centres and a dedicated ‘Women Security Force’ under the direct supervision of the Chief Minister. More fast track courts for trials of serious offences against women.(This is from BJP manifesto). 
  • Regularisation of all unauthorised colonies and developing them as DDA colonies for which layout fund would be provided by the government (This is from BJP manifesto).
  • Free water for households using up to 700 litres water per day (This is from AAP manifesto).
  • Citizens Security Forces with a branch in each ward; swift justice in cases of crimes against women; lighting and security provisions on roads, parks, buses and all public places (This is from AAP manifesto).


Dear Harshavardhan and Kejriwal,

Both of your manifesto is similar, you know why people still vote differently. BECAUSE THEY DON’T TRUST WHETHER YOU WILL IMPLEMENT THIS OR NOT?

Please join hands and implement these in a years time, we can figure out things later.

Please remember, people exercised their right, you exercise discretion please.



I know this is a sensitive topic, you can either read this and walk away or you can comment with your valuable thoughts. But please don’t abuse any one and don’t label me.

Software Architect by profession, lazy programmer by choice.
Looking at the simplicity of problems and trying hard to find a complex solution for each of them.

“Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer, family or friends”

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So, What do you think?