Scamophobia – Fear About Public Scams

SCAMOPHOBIA – fear of scams

Today morning i woke up with a new word, googled it and could not find any reference. So thought about writing it, this is regarding scams (A dishonest scheme; a fraud).

This word may or may not be relevant to readers outside India or may not be able to understand the reason why this word is funny, in that case, please read the list of scandals in India to understand what is funny here.

Disclaimer: If any one has already coined this term/word or patented it (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google), please forgive me. I don’t have enough money to pay you, but will be willing to apologize for this post.

No Scams

No to Scams

Scamophobia – fear of scams

Noun: scamophobia pronounced as “scaamoo phobiaa”

“An anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of thinking that he will end up hearing about another scam the very next day”

Derived from: UPA Govt, with other local and national parties adding to it.

Has been in Use: Since 2012

Synonyms: Oh god, its a long list. You can start looking at the names of all politicians involved in the scams.

Antonyms: ‎Its My Hope that we can do better.

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